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Donating Pianicas to the National Conservatory of Performing Arts

On May 31, with the support of AIMEC(, we sent refurbished pianicas donated by Japanese elementary schools to Seychelles.

The recipient is the National Conservatory of Performing Arts, where the pianicas will be used by the children studying there.

The teacher, Ms. Kuniko Takei, teaches music to the children at the National Conservatory of Performing Arts.

According to Ms. Takei, there are no music classes in Seychelles schools. She hopes that the pianicas will help expand music education by enabling the children to read music scores and perform together.

The pianicas will be delivered to the children in the summer.

We would like to thank Ms.Tina Kondo for her help in donating the pianicas.

The following photos are of the high-school students that helped with the maintenance of the pianicas before we shipped them out, and their messages to the children in Seychelles.

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