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#Unreleased in Japan Seychelles scent "Coco De Mer Collection" developed in collaboration with Italy

In this issue, I would like to tell you about the perfumes made from Coco de Mer, the world's largest seed, which I introduced in the last issue. Each of them is available in three fragrances: red, gold, and blue.

▼ Official HP

☆ Red inspired by the sunset on the island of Seychelles.

A feminine fragrance blended with essential oils of patchouli, gardenia, and other plants unique to the Seychelles.

☆ Gold reminiscent of the sun rising over the sea at dawn.

A dynamic and refreshing blend of Coco de Mer and lemongrass.

☆ Blue, representing the pristine ocean.

A unique blend of patchouli, cardamom, and black pepper enhances the vitality of nature.

According to the website of the manufacturer, Island Scent Pty Ltd, they are currently working with Diadema Cosmetics, a luxury Italian cosmetics company, to produce a unique line of cosmetics and perfumes using organic and sustainably sourced coco de mer...!

In addition, the basket contains a pure extract of Coco de Mer obtained by alcohol extraction. It is protected by a patent visible behind the basket's frame!

We hope you will take a look at it as a reminder of your trip!

Photo by Tina Kondo


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