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"Chatterbox" a café where you can enjoy a large tuna steak

"Chatterbox" is a cafe that opened on Eden Island, located on the east coast of the main island of Mahe.

It offers a wide variety of menu items such as tuna steaks made with local ingredients, coffee, sandwiches, salads, desserts, cakes, waffles, ice cream, pizza, Italian food, and sushi.

Tuna steak is a popular item on the menu.

It looks voluptuous and very tasty, doesn't it?

You can also taste freshly made coffee from the Illy brand, an Italian roasting company specializing in espresso.

Incidentally, the cafe's name comes from Durban, South Africa, and refers to a CrossFit training gym called "The Box. It was named "Chatterbox" because many people ate and chatted before and after the gym.

This café has a children's area, so you can bring your children along!

Please come and visit!

Photo by Tina Kondo


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